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Sri Krishna has been asked by Arjuna to advise him as to which path of yoga is the best one. Arjuna starts from the conception of his day that identified yoga as a path of renunciation and ascetic one-pointedness, abandoning all the desires, fruits and actions that bind us to the world. He has been told by Sri Krishna that he should not take this path, regardless of the general conception; and now he wants to know why. This dialogue is useful to us as it illuminates an issue that most spiritual seekers have to address when they take up a spiritual discipline; namely, how to practice in a meaningful way to achieve the spiritual realisation, and to what extent they can or should have an interaction with the world at large.

There is a long history of the anchorite in the desert, or the monk in the monastery practicing…

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Sri Aurobindo's Aesthetics and Poetics New Directions

Dear Friends and Well-wishers of Overman Foundation,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Overman Foundation has taken up the distribution of Dr. Murali Sivaramakrishnan’s notable book Sri Aurobindo’s Aesthetics and Poetics: New Directions.

Dr. Murali Sivaramakrishnan is a poet, painter, critic and Professor and Head of the Department of English, Pondicherry University. He is the author of The Mantra of Vision: An Overview of Sri Aurobindo’s Aesthetics (1997) and a number of critical essays and four volumes of poetry — Night Heron (1998); Conversations with Children (2005); Earth Signs (2006) and The East-Facing Shop and other Poems (2010). He is the Founder-President of ASLE India (Association for the Study of Literature and Environment). He has travelled widely and participated in several conferences and workshops within the country and abroad. He has held more than 14 solo exhibitions of his works in India and abroad and authored over…

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With everything that Arjuna has learned, seen and experienced in the teaching thus far, he still must address the conventional knowledge of his time and reorient his process of understanding. It is as if everyone believed that the world was flat, until one day an intrepid explorer circumnavigated the globe and reported that it is round. The whole consciousness must needs address the radical change and build a new framework for the understanding that develops.

Similarly, the wisdom of his time indicated that true wisdom and liberation must be obtained by abandoning the illusory goals and rewards set before one in worldly action; that the true divine status was silent, immutable and eternal, not troubled by anything that might occur in the world.

Sri Krishna has now shown Arjuna that, while he must start by freeing himself from attachment and desire that bound him to the ordinary life, the true…

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The idea of the Godhead being born into a human form and taking on a human life to act as a guide, teacher and intermediary to the Supreme is one that arises in the Hindu tradition, but has also arisen in Christianity and other religions over time throughout the world. The Infinite, the Eternal, the All-Powerful that Arjuna has glimpsed in his vision-experience is simply too overwhelming and it tends to overpower the human being. What the special sense of the Avatar provides is the ability to relate, to interact with and to respond to a personal relationship that has developed and which brings with it a closeness, an intimacy and level of trust that is not possible in the relations between the human and the World-Spirit.

Sri Aurobindo describes three suggestions offered by the Gita that provide different aspects of the relation between the human and the personal Divine…

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After speaking at the 9th International Whitehead Conference last fall in Krakow, Poland , I was invited to help organize a track for the 2015 IWC in Claremont, CA  next summer (June 4-7). The 2015 conference is called “Seizing an Alternative: Towards an Ecological Civilization” and is largely the brain child of process theologian and environmental philosopher  John Cobb, Jr . Plenary speakers include Cobb, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva, Brian Swimme, Catherine Keller, Herman Daly, and David Ray Griffin. The conference will be divided into 12 topical sections, with each section including 4 or 5 tracks. My track is in section 3, “Alienation from Nature: How It Arose,” and is called “Late Modernity and Its Reductive Monism.” For a brief description of the proposed focus of this section and its sub-tracks written by Cobb, click HERE .

In his proposal for my track, Cobb writes:

Rene Descartes, who developed the Enlightenment vision most profoundly and influentially…

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The normal human perspective looks at action, events and consequences from the starting point of our own personal view and position. This is akin to trying to judge the purpose of the universe from the perspective of the earth, which, after all, is a small planet spinning around a minor sun, in a rather insignificant solar system in a tangential arm of the milky way galaxy, which is but one of an innumerable number of galaxies in the universe.

Arjuna has asked Sri Krishna to justify the horrific action he is called to carry out. He has already learned that this action is not based on his personal desire for fame, power, glory, or success, and that he should not be attached to the fruits of the action. However, he still wants to understand the deeper sense that requires this world-battle to take place and all these relatives, teachers, and…

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