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Re: Re: Re: Explanation of my Stand wrt The Lives of Sri Aurobindo
David Hutchinson Sat 29 Nov 2008 08:55 AM PST

A few thoughts that may be applicable to this discussion and current situation:

  • Every individual believes he/she knows the absolute truth, and that others are misguided.

    Group consciousness has a deep and unrecognized influence upon the individual.

    Emotion is a stronger force than reason, even when the truth is known.

    A lie repeated often enough, and loudly enough, will appear to be the truth.

    Hysteria, once begun, needs to play itself out.

    Divisive movements usually have a stronger force than inclusive ones.

    If you can dictate the terms of the discussion, you have already won.

    The most subtle and problematic aspect of an organization is its culture.

    Fear incites immediate destructive actions, which have to be remedied when the fear has passed.

    A useful tactic when mobilizing people is to define and then vilify an imagined common enemy.

    The true story of an event is often revealed only long afterwards.

    Those who sit on a fence get to see everything, but they never go anywhere.

    Just because a person has knowledge in one area does not mean he/she is wise in another.

Re: Explanation of my Stand wrt The Lives of Sri Aurobindo
by Chandresh on Fri 28 Nov 2008 11:48 PM PST |  Profile |  Permanent Link
Dear Everyone,
Please do not club whole of Ashram for the few who have taken a stand against the book.
Re: Explanation of my Stand wrt The Lives of Sri Aurobindo

by David Hutchinson on Wed 26 Nov 2008 03:06 PM PST |  Profile |  Permanent Link
Is the supermind real? What about the triple transformation? Cellular yoga? Is integral yoga any different from other yogas? Did Sri Aurobindo or the Mother fail at what they were attempting? Were they mistaken about one or another aspect of yoga, or life? Did they miss things? Are some of their works badly written, incomplete, or flat out wrong?

You can see how, in our community, even rhetorically stating such questions creates a collective gasp.

Re: Explanation of my Stand wrt The Lives of Sri Aurobindo

by Angiras on Fri 28 Nov 2008 04:10 AM PST |  Profile |  Permanent Link
If Sri Aurobindo’s followers have nothing better to offer than to mimic the behavior of the Muslims who riot at the publication of books rumored to insult their beliefs, it might be best to disband the Ashram and stop pretending that anyone is practising Integral Yoga.

The value of this “controversy” in the larger scheme of things may be to expose the illusion that merely labelling a religion as spiritual is enough to prevent it from being a religion.

10 Nov 2008 09:51:00 AM IST

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