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[The people have got freedom: Mamata Indian Express – ‎May 13, 2011 -At the threshold of history, all Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee could find was a mid-high footstool from which she delivered a short, emotional victory speech.]

[Jayalalithaa: Tamil Nadu’s iron woman is chief minister once more Economic Times – ‎CHENNAI: Jayaram Jayalalithaa, set to be Tamil Nadu’s chief minister for a third time, began life as a small-time movie actress before becoming one ofIndia’s most successful woman politicians.]

Liquidation of the Left is surely a fuel for glee, but with such mercurial women returning to power, there is every reason to be cautious and feel alarmed. It is apparent that the voters have no viable alternative, and inculcating personality cult is no balm for grassroots politics. Savitri Era Party reserves its right to disagree with all dominant parties on distinct policy parameters.

The TV channels are showing the picture of Alipore Jail from across the river. Time for us to be prayerful and wait for our day with gratitude. [TNM]

  1. Bhimeswara Challa – 2011 – 608 pages – Preview

    Savitri. 1993. Book VI: The Book of Fate. Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust. Pondicherry, India. p.448. 589 Sri Aurobindo. The Future Evolution of Man: The Divine Life Upon Earth. 1971. Sri Aurobindo – More editions – Add to My Library▼

  2. Peter Heinrich Kemp – 2010 – 268 pages – Preview

    Golwalka, MS, Rassenfragen, New Dehli 1938; Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas, The Occult Roots of Nazism«. 1997. Gose, Sri Aurobindo, Der Menschliche Zyklus. 1952. Gose, Sri Aurobindo, Ein neues Denken – ein neuer Mensch – eine neue Welt. – Add to My Library▼

  3. Xiomara Mayor P’Ndola – 2010 – 349 pages – Preview

    Pág. 199) Intima colaboradora, de Sri Aurobindo, es mejor conocida como “La Madre.” Nacida en París de padre turco y madre egipcia, llegó a la ciudad Pondichery, India, el 29 de Marzo de 1914 y allí se quedó definitivamente. – More editions – Add to My Library▼

  4. Kalam A P J Abdul – 2010 – 120 pages – Preview

    1 THE DREAM AND THE MESSAGE Dream, Dream, Dream Dreams transform into thoughts And thoughts result in action On 30 September 2001, I was on my way to Bokaro from Ranchi in Jharkhand when the helicopter carrying me crashed moments before – Add to My Library▼

  5. Robert A. McDermottV. S. Naravane – 2010 – 338 pages – Preview

    This is the first single volume to offer such a wide representation of India’s experience and scholarship through traditional and contemporary strains as articulated by her greatest modern thinkers. – More editions – Add to My Library▼

  6. Sri ChinmoyJames G. (FRW) Basker, Sanjay Rawal – 2010 – 105 pages – Preview

    This book is sure to inspire both young and old from all backgrounds and countries to the unlimited potential our great nation possessed and still possesses. – Add to My Library▼

  7. Sean Esbj’orn-HargensSean Esbjörn-HargensJonathan Reams – 2010 – 386 pages – Preview

    Profiles of famous educators: Sri Aurobindo (1872–1950). Prospects: The Quarterly Review of Comparative Education, 32(3),  Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on education. Compilation of essential writings introducing integral education.

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