Dharana Shakti : the capacity to sustain spiritual experiences

Posted on: March 18, 2012

Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

The sudden inflow of energy, the rapture and the sense of release that one feels after a favourable period of meditation is not easy to sustain. The mind mostly misinterprets the experience, the heart seizes and appropriates it, while the physical body feels relieved and exhausted that it has ended.  We tend to yawn and eat junk food after a period of meditation because the physical body is tamasic(dull) by nature and not accustomed to the newly attained tranquility.  Instead of yawning and dissipating the energy gained during the meditation, the body needs to be molded to become more supple and receptive; the cells of the body have to be made more and more conscious through regular exercise and refined eating habits so that it can sustain longer and greater spiritual experiences.  Sri Aurobindo denoted this power of the body as Dharana Shakti or Dharana Samarthya (retention capacity; Samarthya

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2 Responses to "Dharana Shakti : the capacity to sustain spiritual experiences"

Interesting. develop a super body in order that it may propel, project, carry, express and maintain heavier loads pf spiritual expression? To what end might one ask? Why should the body, that has no “real” existence be subject of a focus that increases its apparent presence (strengthens it)? The body is, after all, merely a transient expression of ignorance. Let us say that it might (for the purpose of meddling with the physical plane upon which it appears) be expressed as a conscious intent freed utterly from the chains of necessity (samskaras)….. You will see that such a possibility cannot be imagined other than it be projected by a (previously extant) samskara…. and save only that it be projected by “first thought” that is, the original error of expressed being summed as the urge:”I want to be free”.

Why bother to strengthen it at all?

I believe an answer, and certainly only a partial one, might be that, unlike the extreme dualism expressed in the world over the last 2000 or so years ,that there is a singularity in the multiplicity that begins from an apparent involution and expressive limiting nescience, which over time has the capacity to “transform” toward a full Divine light of Being in the physical. The unreality so to say is more of a structural inconscience causing quaklitative and perceptual limits and even apparent illusion, but is a part of an underlying and pressure “substance” formation of Beingwhich is to be built toweard its destiny and not just abandoned…as they have told us.

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