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Dear Friends,

Today we are publishing a letter written by Dr. Krishnadhan Ghose (Sri Aurobindo’s father) to Rajnarain Bose (his father-in-law and Sri Aurobindo’s maternal grandfather). This letter—which is a part of the Sujata Nahar Papers preserved in the Archives of Overman Foundation—was found in tatters and therefore the date and some of the words are missing.

With warm regards,

Anurag Banerjee


Overman Foundation.


                  Krishnadhan Ghose’s letter to Rajnarain Bose




My dear Father

I have received your note of Sunday last in due time but it had tortures along with it to pull down my heart. Did I give you any offence in any of my letters that you prevent me from stopping any religious discussions. I cannot describe the dreadful agony I am feeling on that account. The cholera which has not as yet allowed me to get up from my bed…

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Mirror of Tomorrow

The key to rightly understand the whole passage is given by the Mother here: “Buddhism, Jainism, Illusionism were sufficient to sap all energy out of the country.” This truth is rounded off by Her in the concluding remark: “Then—and then only—you will be able to discern, from time to time, from place to place, an “intuition” that something else is possible; in the Vedas, for instance (the injunction to descend deep into the cave of the Panis); in the Tantras also… a little light is burning.

Here we are told exactly why the Mother criticizes the turn towards escapism as being equally as bad as the choice to maintain “a life in this world” marked by its littleness and its near insignificant value for anything beyond just egoistic self-existence. The Mother does so not out of disdain for India or Indian spirituality but, on the contrary…

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Mirror of Tomorrow

REJECT Indian spiritual tradition or be annexed by it.

This is the false choice that the Filio/Hartz-led Western chauvinists of the Heehsian religion and their “native” (their own choice of word) mental slaves and collaborators have manufactured. The sole intent behind it is to justify their clumsy and indiscriminate attempt to hack away at all the living tissue connecting Sri Aurobindo to the spiritual tradition of India.

First they arbitrarily and unilaterally pronounce judgment on this tradition by imprisoning and limiting it to “the past”, as if it was never, or at least is no longer, a living, growing and evolving thing.

Secondly they cherry-pick certain sayings of Mother Sri Aurobindo, and mutilate or at least de-contextualize them to get support for their partial and distorted views.

Finally they ride piggy-back on the Divine and try to mis-represent thoughts and words expressive of their own totally personal, ideologically driven false prejudices (“rejection”) and phobias…

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Larval Subjects .

Somewhere or other Latour makes the remark that we’ll never do better than a politician.  Here it’s important to remember that for Latour– as for myself —every entity is a “politician”.  Latour isn’t referring solely to those persons that we call “politicians”, but to all entities that exist.  And if Latour claims that we’ll never do better than a politician, then this is because every entity must navigate a field of relations to other entities that play a role in what is and is not possible in that field.  In the language of my ontology, this would be articulated as the thesis that the local manifestations of which an entity is capable are, in part, a function of the relations the entity entertains to other entities in a regime of attraction.  The world about entities perpetually introduces resistances and frictions that play a key role in what comes to…

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Mirror of Tomorrow

Recently Sraddhalu Ranade of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram was prevented from engaging in open dialogue and debate with members of Auroville: LINK

Not all exact details are available but a reasonably accurate picture of the basic story can be constructed using available facts. A group in Auroville  invited Sraddhalu to speak as per the following announcement:

An Open Talk by Sraddhalu

At SAWCHU on Friday 11th of May, 2012 – 5 to 7 pm

Sraddhalu will speak on the controversial book and its consequent events. A Q&A session will follow. This is a chance for all in Auroville to know of the controversy first-hand, and to clear the air of all the speculations and rumours.

All are welcome!

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Mirror of Tomorrow

The blow you wince at seems to you so hard because it is a blow the world of your mental formation has sustained. Such a world often becomes a part of our being. The result is that a blow dealt to it gives almost physical pain. The great compensation is that it makes you live more and more in the real world in contradistinction to the world of your imagination which is what you would like the real world to be. But the real world is not all that could be desired, you know, and that is why it has to be acted upon and transformed by the Divine Consciousness. But for that, knowledge of the reality, however unpalatable, is almost the first requisite. This knowledge often enough is best brought home to us through blows and bleedings.

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