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(Note: Final part on Hindu Nationalism)

The fall of Vajpayee government resulted in a government driven by a foreign born woman; this is a depressing situation to hindu nationalists and an affront to their patriotic instincts. Things would have been different, if they had few strong willed leaders who could take risk while in power. This government in eight years has caused irreparable damages to India’s security, governing institutions, defence, economy, agriculture, natural resources, education and culture. An unprecedented loot of country is happening, if at all anything succeeds this government, it would take complete purge to restore balance in this country. Only Hindu nationalism can restore this country to its rightful place, however Hindu nationalists are at cross roads and they may have to change their attitude and approach on certain issues and areas.


Global level Thinking and Strategy

Hindu nationalists tend to focus more energy on complaining…

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Adam/Knowledge-Ecology just posted a fine reflection on the place of the human in nature. Below is my response.

I think there is an elephant in the room here. Just before the line you quote in Modes of Thought, Whitehead says “In mankind, the dominant dependence on bodily functioning seems still there. And yet the life of a human being receives its worth, its importance, from the way in which unrealized ideals shape its purposes and tinge its actions” (27). He is giving us a hint about the essence of the human: the human is that being capable of actualizing its own ideals. In other words, we not only feel the creative freedom of the universe as an element in our individual concrescence (like all other occasions), we grasp this freedom as a fact constitutive of our very selves. It is a difference in degree that may as well be…

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(Note: This is 3rd of 7 part series on Hindu nationalism)

Indira’s rule after 1971 war became increasingly despotic with her younger son’s extra-constitutional activities. Severe charges of corruption and nepotism were leveled against her government and congress state governments. By this time a generation born after independence was restless at the state of affairs in the country and corruption. This new crop of young leaders, mostly students, started anti-corruption movements. Nav Nirman movement in Gujarat resulted in bringing down chimanbhai patel’s govt in Gujarat. Taking inspiration from this Jaya Prakash Narayan, a veteran freedom fighter and socialist, launched sampoorna kranthi (Total revolution) in bihar and this movement spread like wildfire to rest of India. Also during this period a demographic shift in politics was underway with the emergence of leaders from previously under represented sections (present OBC’s) especially in hindi belt, they mostly rallied around non-congress parties.

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