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Sri Aurobindo Studies

There has been a long-standing divergence between “religion” and “science”, in particular surrounding the questions of “creation” versus “evolution”. On the one side, there is the sense that there is some superior or external Power (God, the Creator, etc.) which has created this entire universe and all its forms out of “nothing” or out of its own “substance”, and the specific details of the creation are subordinated to the miraculous nature of it. On the other side, there is a strong focus on the process of it, and the details of the multi-billion year systematic development of the universe and its forms from the time of the “big bang” to today, with the development of innumerable specific forms arising out of the energy and matter of the universe going through systematic combinations are what command the entire attention.

The evolutionists have no answer to the question of “how” or “why”…

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

The progressive evolution of physical forms provides a foundation for the higher powers of consciousness to manifest. These powers, as they manifest, then begin to modify and adjust the lower basis to more effectively, finely and precisely respond to the needs of that higher force of consciousness.

Sri Aurobindo takes us through a review of the stages that we can thus far see and identify: “Life takes hold of matter and breathes into it the numberless figures of its abundant creative force, its subtle and variable patterns, its enthusiasm of birth and death and growth and act and response, its will of more and more complex organisation of experience, its quivering search and feeling out after a self-consciousness of its own pleasure and pain and understanding gust of action; mind seizes on life to make it an instrument for the wonders of will and intelligence; soul possesses and lifts mind…

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Knowledge and quest for truth has been the guiding force and foundation of hindu civilization since time immemorial. One can argue forever on how humanity acquired and realized first principles of knowledge, behaviour that laid foundations to civilized living. The seed knowledge for the tree of civilization could have originated somewhere, within a group of people, and they should have felt most important to apply and share the knowledge they had received with the rest. Once validated and accepted, society made efforts to preserve it.

Vedas are such seed knowledge for hindu civilization, considered oldest living civilization. Almost all sects and many branches of knowledge in hindu religion recognize their sanctity, consider them as their source, the word “Veda” itself means knowledge. According to tradition they were revealed to humanity at the beginning of creation by God and contain all seed knowledge.

Over the due course of time hindu religion…

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