The Rajasic Intelligence and Will

Posted on: July 23, 2014

Sri Aurobindo Studies

The influence of Rajas on the determinations of the reasoning intelligence is a major cause of the distortion that occurs in human life and action. The rajasic reason has the ability to justify the promptings of desire and ego, and thus, creates a self-reinforcing loop for understanding and action that misleads while maintaining its own internal logic to prove that it is “right”. Clearly many instances in history illustrate the risk of rajasic distortion as we see, for instance, religions justifying torture or warfare, or even barbaric enslavement or rapine in order to bring about the “victory” of a particular religion for the “benefit” of those victimised. In our own lives we can see similar justifications brought forward by the rajasic reason. Quite a number of seekers over the years have fallen into indulgence in sex or other practices in the name of “tantric yoga” without necessarily understanding the deeper…

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