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This kind of textual meandering, which is limitless, and for the most part useless, points directly to the problem of textual fallacies in Sri Aurobindo’s world. (By which I mean the world of students and disciples of Sri aurobindo as well as his teachings, texts, and direct spiritual influence.) It is a kind of legacy for deconstructionists to savor these things I suppose.

The first deconstruction here would point to the alleged discrepancies between Self and Soul, Atman and Purusa, etc. as defined textually. One can easily reiterate many textual references and then believe that one has grasped something about Self and Soul. This is the scriptural Sri Aurobindo school.

Then there is the yoga transmission school of the yoga guru Sri Aurobindo. For the latter, there…

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

The Yoga of Works focuses on the Will Power as the motive engine of the change of consciousness. Sri Aurobindo explains the method: “The Path of Works aims at the dedication of every human activity to the supreme Will. It begins by the renunciation of all egoistic aim for our works, all pursuit of action for an interested aim or for the sake of a worldly result.”

This starts out as a discipline, but eventually leads to the recognition that the individual is not actually the true “doer” of works; rather it is the Prakriti through the three Gunas of Nature that is the effective actor carrying out the Will of the Supreme. The role of the individual is to be a nexus for a specific formulation in the universal play. Eventually, as the Yoga of Works progresses, “The choice and direction of the act is more and more consciously…

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