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Sri Aurobindo Studies

The consecration of the being through the leveraged action of the higher mind, the will and the heart is a powerful tool to effect the change from the standpoint of the ego-personality and the desire-soul that goes along with it to the divine standpoint and the emergence of what Sri Aurobindo calls “the true Spiritual Person”. This can take place “only when the desire-soul in us has submitted to the Divine Law….”

When this occurs we are not any longer acting for the individual satisfaction of the ego and its attendant desires. The individuality remains, but not as a limited and struggling human being separated and fragmented from the rest of creation and trying to to survive and thrive in this hostile world; rather, the individual, as the “true spiritual person” becomes a nexus or opportunity for the manifestation of the Divine Will in the universe.

“Our works will then…

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[Published in Mother India.]

Key Perspectives: Nature of History; Use of the Past; History as Philosophy; Two Schools of History; Religious View of History; Secular and Scientific Approach to History; Our Approach.

In our modern techno-commercial culture the study of history has lost its appeal for young minds. There are many reasons for this lack of interest in history among modern youth. The first reason is the lack of employment opportunities for the scholars of history. In our industrial age where education is no longer the great instrument of culture, but reduced to the status of an instrument of “economic growth” for  producing efficient, skilled and productive workers for industry and commerce, history is possibly the least “job-oriented” among the fields of knowledge. But even among students who are less job oriented and more inclined towards research and pursuit of knowledge, history holds no attraction because it is viewed…

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Larval Subjects .

Despite his greatness in so many other areas, there’s a deep shame in Wittgenstein’s declaration that philosophy is what happens when language goes on holiday.  Far from being a mark of shame from which philosophy should be cured, the proper response is “yes!”  In philosophy, as in the sciences, mathematics, the arts, and poetry, there is an athleticism of language, an inventiveness that challenges and disrupts what the analytics call “ordinary language”.  Philosophy breaks language from its moorings, sending it flying in new trajectories.  In this respect, it is what Deleuze and Guattari called a “minor language” and stuttering.  It’s left handed.  To be sure, philosophy draws on the connotations of ordinary language, but only to send them flying in new and unheard of directions.  When Plato utters “eidos” it becomes something other than mere shape.  When Aristotle utters the term “category”, it becomes something other than an accusation.  When…

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The traditional development models and the market-oriented approach to poverty-eradication seem to think that poverty or prosperity is entirely an economic problem which can be solved by purely techno-economic or business methods. These methods may produce some results in the short-term or at the micro level. But for a more lasting solution at the macro level, we must address the deeper moral and spiritual causes of poverty and prosperity. This article examines some of these deeper causes and remedies.

The Chronic Darkspot

Gautama Buddha, when he saw suffering in the world asked what is in us which causes this suffering and found Desire as the root cause of all suffering. Similarly, if we ask what is the inner causes of poverty within us we will bump into a chronic dark spot in human nature. Most of us “know” it with a vague intuition. But until now, we as a race…

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Orissa Matters

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

With this site exposing how Buddhists all over the world have failed to honor canonical instruction for paying homage to Gurudev Buddha in the place of his birth at least once in life, as they are misled by a historical mischief placing his birthplace in Nepal, there was a short-lived but acrimonious shrill of protest in a section of global media following which a new wave of academic activities has commenced flowing with incisive interest to find out if Orissa’s claim is correct.

We are sure, the truth must prevail and the future world shall surely accept Kapilavastu of Tosala, converted to present day Kapileswar near Bhubaneswar, as the real birthplace of Buddha; because that is his birthplace.

Intellectuals who are seriously pursuing this issue are active in different parts of the glove. One of these truth seekers is Sri Ajit Kumar Tripathy, an IAS officer, currently…

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

Those who live primarily the life of the vital and material being in the outer world are subject to a relatively complex set of circumstances, opportunities and issues to which they must respond somehow, based generally on a relatively straightforward response in the vital founded on desire or avoidance, attraction and repulsion, greed and fear. Within this framework, they try to support the basic needs of their lives, build social relationships, entertain themselves and fit into the society within which they are born and raised, for the most part. Some individuals have a further bent towards mental development and apply themselves to education, science, aesthetic arts, philosophy or one of the technological arts.

The practitioner of Yoga is confronted, not solely with these external complexities, but more importantly, the internal complexity of the various parts of his being that respond to these outer impulses; and it is the role of…

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

The turning and focus of the being toward the Divine realisation takes place over time as each force, power and movement of the being is brought forward, tested, and guided towards its perfection in self-consecration. For those who have had an overpowering experience and realisation at the core of the being, there is certainly a strong focus and impetus, but even here, the full working out of the consecration in all aspects of the life will take time and effort. Sri Aurobindo explains: “Whatever difficulties and hesitations may ensue, they cannot eventually prevail against the power of the experience that has turned the current of the life. The call, once decisive, stands; the thing that has been born cannot eventually be stifled. Even if the force of circumstances prevents a regular pursuit or a full practical self-consecration from the first, still the mind has taken its bent and persists and…

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