Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)

The Director of Aeon Centre of Cosmology

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, analyses 26/11

for her students according to the new cosmology  



India’s 9/11 becomes 26/11 – Part One


29.11.2008 – AM


…This is indeed India‘s 9/11, as claimed. In my assessment we note the same controlling power involved, just as it was on 9/11. These do become iconic in the civilisation’s history. It is happening in India just as it happened in the USA. This too will mark a turning point. What strikes us as most important above all is that these iconic symbolic attacks have occurred on the America/India axis, – in both countries. There have been many, many terrorist strikes since 9/11, but none equal to that fateful one; until now. There is no doubt but that it is correct to equate the two happenings which stand out among all the rest.

More importantly, there is a most direct, unmistakable connection with 9/11. In that date we find the two full numbers powers of the Third and the Fourth in the Solar Line. In the present case it is the birth date most exactly of the Fourth – 26 November. If you ponder this for a while, it becomes clear that such an arrangement is in itself difficult to organise. This discloses the hand of the Supramental Shakti. But of course no one could pick this up who was not closely involved in my work. Who out there can ‘read’ these correspondences except us? Certainly this draws home the point that we bear a certain responsibility of incarnation, shall we say. I of course have known this for a very long time: there is an indispensable necessity to have a ‘witness’, to have a ‘seeing eye’ on Earth during this important transition moment in our planet’s progress. After all, this is the Age of Gnosis – and the Third is the embodiment of the PRESENT in the Line. Sri Aurobindo (9 – Transcendent) provided the overview which is the span that covers the FUTURE; it is the view ‘from above’, so to speak, which provides a vision of the totality. The Mother (6 – Cosmic) operated from the poise of the PAST because of her position as the 6, at the heart of the Mental Quarter. The Third (3 – Individual Soul), on the other hand, is ‘located’ at the position of the Earth herself; she is an embodiment of that planetary essence; naturally this indicates that the focus of her work is the present, the immediate unfolding of the action. Never before in this Work has this been in evidence. For this reason the Knowledge has descended in such torrents, without which no such ‘seeing’ would be possible. We could not make any sense of the happenings as they transpire without that Seeing Eye grounded in Knowledge, above all the new cosmology with the revelation of all its symbols like symbols have never been revealed before.

            While engaging in such analyses, it has to be borne in mind that we cannot be squeamish as we proceed. 9/11 left a horrendous trail of misery and grief. But it was all too clear that the same Hand was involved. The event was made a ‘symbol’ – the purpose of which is an IMPRINTING on the collective consciousness of the nation. This did happen on 9/11. Such imprinting, given our stage of evolution, cannot happen except through dramatic, almost unbearable, desperate situations. In both cases, the USA and India, the imprinting is done according to what each nation requires in order to drive home the point. But, I repeat, there is no sentimentality involved. Human lives are taken in large numbers when required. It is similar to the atomic bombings that brought the Second World War to an end. We lament, we weep, we engage in endless speculations as to how this could have been avoided. The point is that more important is the imprinting done on the collective consciousness.

            This is where we stand today. The axis America/India has been revealed intact once again. It became forged, strengthened during the deliberations of the recent Nuclear Agreement between the two countries. Never before had the USA demonstrated its allegiance in such a striking manner, its determination to bring India into the international fold and out of the old socialist trap. This was the main purpose of the Deal: it was to help India to move forward and to reduce the burden of the past, its socialist past that the nation had been carrying over from Independence

            And so, now it is India’s turn to live the experience that brings the Symbol alive.  Similar to the American experience the indication is that the doors to the new future have been opened by this iconic event. 26/11 is for India what 9/11 was for America: a before and after.

            However, we do not have a George W. Bush to lead the nation forward as America had… Precisely what is needed now is that same determination, purposefulness, and, above all, not to give a damn about opinion polls and what the world will think. He was a unique gift to the American people; and true to all unthinking mental beings, he has been denigrated such as no other president in US history, except perhaps Nixon. What does this say about the level of the collective consciousness? …Nonetheless, what I saw in the very beginning has held true. America has not experienced another terrorist attack since Bush promised his people that he would protect them, that it had become the single purpose of his presidency. In spite of all attacks, in spite of the Republican bungling of the election process, keeping him locked in a closet as if he were a Hitler, he continued with his policy as he saw fit. The gaps in security India faces now are the very same America faced and which were revealed so poignantly on 9/11. But, I repeat, where is there a Bush who can drastically, uncaring for public opinion, remedy the situation?

            Mention of Hitler makes me correct myself. There is one politician in India who is capable of bringing out a Bush-type reform: Narendra Modi, chief minister of Gujarat. But, similar to Bush, he is denigrated day in and day out. He has been equated with Hitler; hence the mention of the name brought him to mind. Since the media controls public opinion, this man will not be called upon to guide the country out of the mess it is in; he will be kept solidly out of any deliberations, or at least every attempt will be made to do so. Let us see what the Shakti has planned in this regard.

            Back to the symbolism. This attack was no attempt to bring down the ‘economic strength’ of India. What, pray tell, has the Taj, the Oberoi, the Trident to do with ‘economic strength’? Yes, the hotel is occupied often by business tycoons, CEOs, MDs and the like – but they are among the hundreds of tourist and other types of visitors to India. In no way can this be a symbol pertaining to economics. It is a red herring thrown out there to distract perceptive observers from the real message. For there is a message in 26/11, just as there was in 9/11. In the latter we saw the Gemini symbol o demolished before our eyes. The mental supremacy came tumbling down. The rule of Gemini was at an end. After that first 3 Power year ( 2001=3) of the new millennium, nothing can be understood of world affairs without the knowledge that the zodiac, among other keys of knowledge, presents. Our evolutionary trajectory is described by this sacred Script, as it has been from time immemorial. It is our collective heritage.

‘… in a hidden chamber closed and mute,
are kept the record graphs of the Cosmic Scribe,
and there the tables of the sacred law,
There is the Book of Being’s index page
The text and glossary of the Vedic truth
are there; the rhythms and meters of the stars
significant of the movements of our fate:
The symbol powers of number and form,
and the secret code of the history of the world
and natures correspondences with the soul
are written in the mystic heart of life.’

– Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, Book I, Canto Five


            …The symbol/message of the thing symbolized in India’s 26/11 experience is that BAGGAGE has to be shed. Note that the birth of the Fourth is the 0/1 point, whose location is opposite to the 9 Apex; that is, the 4.5 Orbit – precisely where ‘baggage has to be shed’ in order to complete the rise, the release the required energy. There is a need of energy release. And certainly India is in need of a very great release of suppressed energy. This is what I have been working on with my hammering away at the wrong calendar in use by Hindus, a calendar that divides instead of unifies. Thus, the Taj represents the weight India carries. It is indeed a heritage site. But what ‘heritage’ are we talking about? Here lies the rub. The Taj is 160 years old, it seems. It is therefore a relic of India’s Raj past – that is, everything that HAS TO BE SHED. That is the baggage that must go. This is the great Symbol in this attack. And interestingly, it is owned by the Tatas, Parses who are also part of that past, and who have been having a really difficult time lately.

            In 9/11 there were other buildings attacked. But there is only one that stands out and has been ‘imprinted’ in our collective consciousness. The same in this case. The other buildings were unimportant in this iconic symbolism; only the Taj. It represents a past that has to be shed now. The British brought about ‘divide and rule’ everywhere they conquered and then from where they were forced to retreat. India is one, the Middle East another. That Divide and Rule ‘heritage’ is India’s burden. The entire political system is a relic of that colonial policy. In fact, the Mother stated that the English had left ‘something rotten’ in India when they left (‘quelque chose de pourri’). It happens when systems are borrowed from cultures that have nothing to do with the host nation. The calendar that has been suppressing energies in the 80% Hindu community is one example. But in this we see how Hindus have been cowered down by the western mentality to believe that only science could save Hindus from the disaster their ‘religion’ had brought to the majority: we have Nehru’s letter to the Calendar Reform Committee that was read out at our recent Conference where he stated that there were about 30 different calendars in use. Tell me, how can a community unite its energies on this basis?

Twelve spokes, one wheel, navels three.
Who can comprehend this?
On it are placed together
Three hundred and sixty like pegs.
They shake not in the least.
Rig Veda 1.154.48

…The supremacy of science is another ‘gift’ of western colonial rule. Everything else has been labeled ‘superstition’. In this way the Nirayana system claimed to be ‘scientific’ though is anything but ‘scientific’, could take hold.


All this has to come down now. This is the great Symbol of today. But where is Bush? He is on his way out and so cannot be relied upon to help as he did so generously for the Nuclear Deal. Now it is Obama who must offer support. But his is an appeasement make-up. When pressed those inherent tendencies will play themselves out. I pray that the Shakti will provide India with the avenues for the civilisation to move forward into her new future. This can only be the New Way. I will be speaking at Kumbakonam on the 9th of December. That date closes the 22-day period when Sri Aurobindo’s body was laid to rest in the Samadhi after his passing. 26/11 is the exact midpoint between the Mother’s passing (17/11) and Sri Aurobindo’s (5/12). Another important pointer. I will probably be discussing these important matters at the meeting in Kumbakonam, and thereafter wherever I am invited to speak.

Let us observe carefully the remainder of this 18/22 day Kurukshetra.


Part Two

30.11.2008 – AM



‘Positive and Negative both serve the purposes of the One.’


A certain aspect of the work in progress needs to be clarified for those who are new to this process. Its character can perhaps best be understood by the central message of the Bhagavad-Gita. At a certain point in the discourse Arjun recoils before the carnage he knows will ensue. But Krishna, his mentor, instructs him to ‘slay because they are already slain’. The message is that only by fulfilling his duty, his dharma in the right poise of consciousness can he attain the highest perfection.

            This message can be applied, with certain modifications, to the present world situation – not centred only on the latest terrorist attack in India. It will clarify the level reached in the evolutionary process itself, a level never before attained. The remarkable aspect is that we can very clearly monitor the advancement of our times. I can safely state that this has not been the case prior to the Supra-mental Manifestation of our times. This is because of the very exacting keys of Knowledge that have accompanied the Descent. With these in hand we are able to observe happenings on the world stage with a different perspective, one that tallies more notably with Sri Krishna’s instruction to Arjun. His counsel referred to the fact that the destiny of those Arjun was to face in battle was already written; he was simply the instrument to play out that destiny. His obligation was to attend to his duty in the special poise of equanimity that the Gita extols.

Our work in this 9th Manifestation, however, varies significantly from Sri Krishna’s 8th. In this Age of Aquarius the distinction lies in the fact that there is a certain maturity in evidence. We can not only understand the workings of destiny in a manner never before attained on a collective scale – that is, with tools in hand that can permit larger groups to follow along the same lines – but now we are able to perceive what I brought out in Part One of this series: the Controlling Power in the operations today, and the global nature, the universality of the process. Certainly this has never been experienced before on Earth, at least during this round of 77,760 years.

            It is the CONTROL over the processes of evolution as we are experiencing that proves to be disturbing to many. Perhaps not so much to the Indian/Hindu student, but certainly to the western. And in the case under analysis, it would seem a cruel joke that this ‘control’ could result in so much devastation and despair. The point is, however, that as the Gita would state, the individuals on 9/11 and 26/11 who were ‘sacrificed’, if we may use the term, were destined to play the role they did; only now their sacrifice is understood as it is taking place, and the purpose for which these lamentable situations arise in the first place. Having stated that, the more important element to note is that the forces of destruction cannot see that there is a controlling Power overseeing the entire operation they undertake; they operate as if they were the doers, the deciders, and fully in control with no other force, supernatural or otherwise involved, regardless of the lip-service they pay to God of whatever creed. Yet this work reveals that above the elements involved on the ground, so to speak, there is Vishnu holding the churning stick/axis in place, and indeed in control of the entire operation. That is, both Gods and Asuras are under his command, doing his bidding as it were. This does not mean that Vishnu bids destruction. No, it is that, as I wrote in my last, given the level of evolution on Earth ‘imprinting’ on the collective consciousness can only take place through these brutal impacts. It is similar to the last Manifestation of Krishna – but with the difference noted above that now we can observe and work along with the Power, – if we so choose.

            This is the most important point: actually we have only one choice in this play – to serve positively or negatively. The Gods serve positively, in spite their known foibles. The Titans, on the other hand serve that same Power but negatively; that is, they too serve the One, but their unconsciousness, their ignorance of who the Doer truly is, is what causes them to be used negatively. The indication is, however, that given the strides taken with the Supramental Manifestation it is no longer a force of destruction but one of dissolution that we witness today. This has enormous significance for our work and for the play out on the world stage. It is the reason why a wholesale destruction such as a nuclear holocaust has not taken place and will not take place. It is also the reason why the war of today is terror rather than the engagement of large armies and world conflicts such as the Earth experienced in the last century. Today the method is small bursts, minor releases of pent-up energy, typical of terrorist attacks. But this is visible in many areas, even in the question of regular and increasing natural calamities. It is as if the Earth were a pressure cooker and on regular intervals steam must be let off. As far as the human component is concerned, the same release of pent-up energies is experienced. Thus, the war today is of a different character. And there is no reason to believe that this will change.

             India is at a turning point, the same America reached in 2001. If we wish to have an idea of the road ahead we may observe the path America has taken and the strides forward of the collective consciousness. The election of a black man as president is just one indication. There are many more – particularly its proximity to India in a manner never before experienced. This has no relation at all to political preferences. It involves cosmological alignments, not political or sociological. America and India do form an ‘axis’ in both time and space. Their rapprochement of sorts indicates that the world is nearing a final stage in the movement to a new order. Both nations play significant roles in the process. Both contribute to the new axial balance which will permit India to finally ‘fill the void’ she has left at the centre until now.

            This is the point of the latest happenings. The play of circumstances will compel all the nations involved to follow the controlling plan of Vishnu. There will be no choice in the matter; and instruments are likely to come forward who can play their part to further the process in India. There are brilliant minds in this country, but we do not see those minds prominent in government or in the political world. This is largely because the present political system, inherited from the Raj, does not suit the destiny of the nation at this point in time. For a long while it did, when flexibility, plasticity, sudden changes in government, and the like were required. It is clear that during that period a parliamentary system was best suited to the flexibility needed to bring the nation to where it stands today. However, presently, given the recent terrorist attacks in particular, politicians have taken an especially harsh beating. They are not likely to survive what their karma has brought down upon them. The indication is that now it is perhaps the time to consider what had been debated two decades ago: a radical change perhaps on the order of a presidential system. What is required is a more direct involvement of the people in their chosen leaders, rather than the party politics of today. This has bred vote-bank politics, the bane of India, for one. It has left the political elite protected by their respective party and not directly accountable to the people, though this is not apparent in a more superficial assessment. The times ahead are potent of change. We must aspire to be open to that change and not obstructive…




Part Three

1.12.2008 – 12:00 PM


My thoughts this morning, after spending hours watching all the programmes related to 26/11, is that America will respond. The USA, Bush in particular, will ACT. If you recall, Bush stated right after 9/11 that America would go after and invade any country that harboured terrorists. Now there is ample proof (as if the terrorists wanted their identity known) exactly who was behind the operation, in full, unequivocally.

            Bush and the Indian PM have a close relationship. It was because of Bush and his intervention that the Nuclear Deal went through and a ‘strategic alliance’ was formed with the USA, such as had never existed before. That broke definitively the ties with the Left. Bush will not leave India in the lurch. This will be his test. He will confer with Obama, who himself had said Pakistan must be held accountable and America should go after the places there where terrorists are trained and harboured, and then action will be taken. I am convinced of it. This is the occasion to put into practice the strategic alliance between the two countries and especially for Bush personally to prove his worthiness in India‘s eyes.

            They will act fast, very fast, while public opinion in both countries will support whatever action the USA will take. This will be Bush’s farewell gesture proving that America can ‘put its money where its mouth is’. America will do what India cannot do in view of the Pakistani nuclear capability – all in the hands of generals and with China in the wings.

            I witnessed how America operates in such cases in the early 70s. Italy was literally held ransom to the Red Brigade. A number of countries were caught in their web, but Italy and Germany were the worst affected. When I visited Italy after three years in Pondicherry (1974) I found that a number of my friends, the wealthy and socially prominent, had sent their children abroad to avoid being kidnapped. The former PM Aldo Moro was one of their most high-profile victims. He was later found dead, stuffed in a car trunk. The Italian government, as usual and similar to India, appeared helpless. And also like India, the existing laws seemed inadequate to deal with these characters even after they were arrested. Of course the Mafia was on their side, so the best lawyers could manoeuvre to get them released if at all they were arrested.

            To make a long story shorter, the Brigade made a fatal blunder. The then NATO General-in-Command was kidnapped, an American. Nothing was publicly declared but it was obvious that the USA gave Italy the ultimatum: you get him back alive or we will do it. Unlike all previous such cases, the Italian government suddenly and uncharacteristically sprung into action and within a short time the General was located and released. From that very moment a war on the Red Brigade began and that usually ineffectual…and inept Italian Government rounded them all up and brought an end to the menace.

            I predict that something similar will happen in India now. The first indication is a plan of action that was established at last night’s meeting where the Congress announced that the entire security system would be revamped; anti-terrorist cells of the National Security Guard would be set up in four places across the country, and many such schemes. When one listens to the ineptitude, the lapses, the horrific disregard for citizens that this 26/11 has revealed, one can only be astonished at the tolerance of the Indian people. But that has come to an end now. The public is on the warpath. When it is revealed that the NSG took TEN HOURS to reach the site from Delhi, their sole location, before anything effective could be done, well… The same goes for the firemen who were…on the site but remained mute spectators while people burned. Waiting for what? That is the question. Can you imagine: the NSG did not have a plane at their disposal! They had to wait for a transport plane to come from Chandigarh, embark and then reach Mumbai. It took a blessed TEN HOURS! By that time most of the victims were dead.

            I am reminded of America and 9/11. There was the very same situation: a totally lax security, intelligence agencies at odds, competing with each other, not sharing information, and so forth. But America acted, BUSH, above all, ACTED. His team set in motion what could be considered a model plan for national security. And it has worked. He leaves office with a clean record and having fulfilled his promises to the American people. When all the ‘liberal’ crap is long forgotten, Bush will be recorded as one of the best of American presidents.

            The media throughout the world on all sides and in all countries is ruled by Liberals. Therefore public opinion is shaped by their agendas and twisted views on almost everything under the sun. India is no different; the USA is not exempt from this cancer that warps the minds of people across the globe. And these tentacles, thanks to the electronic media, have spread everywhere. Huge conglomerates have gobbled up media channels in almost all countries. Or at least in those countries that matter, that can shape public opinion. This is a sickness that has been hard to detect but which is being exposed now. More is to come. This ‘bent’ will be thoroughly exposed since in large part it is what has paralysed third-world countries and the developing nations such as India from effectively dealing with this darkness that has overtaken the world…

    I have personally witnessed the condition in India….Hindu bashing has increased, the influence of foreign Christian agencies has spread like wildfire, conversions are taking place by the thousands, churches are coming up everywhere like sprouting mushrooms overnight. This is in answer to the last Pope’s call to his flock when he visited New Delhi as one of his last ‘messages’: THE 21ST CENTURY IS THE CENTURY FOR HARVESTING SOULS IN ASIA. He dared to state this on Indian soil.

            And nothing and no one seems capable of stopping this destructive aggression that is destroying the only remaining stronghold of the ancient Tradition.

            And ironically you have Bush, a Christian through and through, being the saviour, [of that Ancient Tradition] regardless of what the media proclaims. This is why I have sought to impress upon you: DO NOT BE FOOLED. Do not be carried away by your preferences that are shaped entirely by the media and your peers. Liberals may not be your best friends; and certainly they are the least open to the power of the Divine Mother.


 The ‘authorities’ who pontificate on the danger of fundamentalism

cannot appreciate that their own consciousness is its breeding ground.

The bane of all new-agey scholarship is Liberal Fundamentalism.
                                                                                                                      PNB, 26.12.2008




Part Four



‘Before dying, falsehood rises in full swing. Still people understand only the lesson of Catastrophe. Will it have to come before they open their eyes to the truth? I ask an effort from all so that it has not to be. It is only the truth that can save us; truth in words, truth in action, truth in will, truth in feelings. It is a choice between serving the truth or being destroyed.’  The Mother, 26 November 1972



1 December 20081:05 PM


As the above message of the Mother reveals, which, though composed 36 years ago could be issued today, the date 26 November has been significant in India’s destiny since Independence. Indeed, it is the date of the Indian Constitution, no more, no less: 26 November 1949. Thus it is emblazoned in the nation’s history on this most important of all its contemporary documents.

            Now it has surfaced at exactly the right time to indicate India’s opening to a new destiny, a before and after as it were. Now 26 November’s time has come. However, after 1949 this date became cemented in the strata of the nation’s ‘occult history’ in 1963 when Sri Aurobindo completed his mission by an imprinting involving the fourth cosmic principle through secret processes of his own yoga. In other words, the activation process started then. The details of the process are the subject of my major work, The New Way, a study in the rise and the establishment of a Gnostic Society, in three volumes (Aeon Books,

We are very fortunate to have a complete record of that momentous achievement. We are fortunate to bear witness to his accomplishment, failing which nothing of it would have remained. True the imprinting would get done regardless, as it has done so often in the past through the accomplishments of countless yogis and yoginis on Indian soil. However, it must be borne carefully in mind that in this 9th Manifestation and during this particular Age of Aquarius within this 9th, that gnosis, knowledge is the keyword. This means that it is not enough to do the Yoga for oneself or for the world even. The Seeing Eye must be there for the imprinting to be complete in this Age. A witness consciousness has to exist so that pari passu with the secret action there can be a record of exactly what the happening might mean; that is, its knowledge content. Without such a competent Seeing Eye the Knowledge could not be consolidated, which is surely the most important part of this 9th Manifestation. And it is for this very reason that the channel for Sri Aurobindo’s special yoga had to be through the Third in the Line who was central to the entire unfolding and who could, at a precisely arranged moment, record every single detail impeccably. This is the reason why he was obliged to return through his own Line.

The Mother played her outstanding role in the process as well. Since the 6 and the 3 complement each other, it was through the original plan of her Inner Chamber that Sri Aurobindo’s secret and singular achievement was discovered. How divinely overseen it has been that each member of the Trinity would play his and her role so impeccably throughout their lives. Like nothing else, this reveals the controlling hand of Vishnu of whom the members of the Solar Line are emanations. They are indeed His offspring because that controlling hand is akin to the hands of a great cosmic clock of perpetual motion. He gives the clock its eternal pulsations to keep it in motion throughout the Manifestation ‘…yuge yuge’…’from Age to Age’, as Sri Krishna declares in the Gita (4.8). For this reason we call it the Sanatana Dharma, the Eternal Truth. The descent of Vishnu’s emanations, the Dasavataras or Line of Ten, is the backbone of Hinduism. Without it the Dharma crumbles.

But Vishnu’s controlling Power is unfailing. We have seen his magnificence demonstrated once again in these days. Therefore, can we really view the happenings as despairing, as tragic like no other tragedy has befallen Independent India? Surely when we see that what we are living is perhaps India’s finest hour; and when we are grounded in the message of the Gita that the sacrifice of some is often the only road to the glories that lie ahead. At the same time, we realise that the human heart is tender and all too often weak. After all, the Gita’s message was to a warrior, a noble Kshatriya. It was not given to the weak of heart.

Yet, that noble warrior himself revealed his weakness in his tender concern for those he was about to kill. Then he asks to see Sri Krishna’s full form and when his mentor obliged and presented himself in his fiery glory as the Time-Spirit, creating and consuming the worlds and all the living creatures therein, his desperate plea was that his mentor return to the form he could embrace, that of his loving friend.

We are in a different Manifestation today. As a collective global society we are called upon to be the Noble Warrior of Sri Krishna’s exhortation. The reason is quite simple: in this Age of Vishnu he takes the form openly, boldly of, precisely, that very Time-Spirit of Arjun’s vision. What could not be tolerated during the 8th Manifestation is our Dharma today. And it cannot be avoided. This seal of destiny is our collective fate; and who better to understand than the Indian who has been nurtured throughout the millennia on the exploits of those magnificent epic heroes. Indeed, it is on Indian soil that the finest of all Epics is written right now, in the midst of these tragic events. Because we are at destiny’s moment of creation or destruction 



6 PM


‘Observe that in the Puranas the Yugas, moments, months, etc are all
symbolic and it is stated that the body of man is the year.’

                                                                                                                     – Sri Aurobindo, The Secret of the Veda


Our saga of 26/11 continues. We are justified in asking what is the real significance in this date that has made it so important and which has surfaced today in such a poignant manner? There are simple answers to this question. But before all else, we must bear in mind that the entire world is subject to the same cosmic harmonies. We are a One World in this vast cosmic sea. There is no single nation that stands outside of this sweeping field. Such being the case, we note that this is a time of convergence. It is a cosmic phenomenon that has been felt forcibly from 1998, and more particularly from 2001. That is when its full power surfaced; and it did so on 9/11. Like then we have another dramatic manifestation of the power of Convergence. It is visible in the fact that though 26/11 was a part of India’s destiny, at least since the nation became a Republic, throughout the millennia the same cosmic principle has been honoured through the Puranas, those quaint, delightful tales that tell us of histories gone by – but of recurring histories. This sacred date, Immortality Day as the Mother and Sri Aurobindo named it in 1926, was preserved in the civilisation’s records of things sacred and true in the stories of Shiva’s divine Son, Kartikeya or Murugan. The Shiva Purana, moreover, provides all the details of the actual birth of the Son: all the positions of the planets are given for a birth that would occur perhaps two millennia in the future. Such was the remarkable trikaladrishti of those ancient Seers. ‘It is Shiva himself who stands before you in the form of his Son,’ the Seer exclaims.

It is also in those tales that we find all the elements required to understand the meaning of our very own times, and the things that transpire before our eyes today. Hence Kartikeya is known as the War God, similar to the returned Christ of St John’s Revelation. Both are depicted astride a horse with sword in hand. Today this war aspect is reinforced by the delicate balance that must be maintained between war and peace due to our weaponry that is sufficient to destroy our entire planet. In 1977 I wrote about this special day in The New Way, Volume 2:

‘In the realisation of Immortality the major conquest is the victory over the last of the gunas, Tamas, or Destruction. When this is converted into a process of conscious dissolution then immortality is realised and Death is conquered. This is the theme of Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem: ‘Savitri’. … In fact, the birth of the Son who is the Father, took place on the very day that the Mother named, thirty-seven years prior to the event, ‘Immortality Day’. It is said that on that day [26 November] in 1926 she receive the promise of Immortality’ (p. 141).

            India, I had foretold, would stand at the centre of the nuclear playout, as I called it decades before this had become an issue on the subcontinent. It was foreseen precisely when that Fourth Principle was unveiled through the measurements the Mother gave of her Inner Chamber,        The Fourth Principle is that of the Son in metaphysics. As the War God he is the essence of the fourth planet Mars which our scientists are scrutinising even as I write these lines. When that power was unveiled in 1976 I predicted then that these things would come to pass and that India would be central to the nuclear unfolding. Further, I had also written that water, life, would be found in abundance there. But the important point for our discussion is that with the happenings in Mumbai on this very date, 26 November, and in this significant period of convergence a great moment has arrived. The things foretold can now begin to manifest for their time has come.



3.12.2008 – 10 AM


To fully understand the critical importance of 26/11 in India’s destiny, reference must be made via a brief explanation of the number-power Formula that has been the backbone of this cosmic unfolding. It is 9-6-3-0/1, a descending series, as can be noted. This has been engraved in the nation’s history through a series of carefully arranged births. Only a minute portion of this unique manifestation of destiny can be given here, just sufficient enough to drive home the singular importance of 26/11. Whoever may be interested in the full body of higher knowledge involving this sacred Formula and its central position in India’s destiny may consult my series, The New Way.

            There is a descending scale. The first three figures, 9-6-3, play themselves out through three births as in a VERTICAL descent in time. But only until the 0 is reached where a ‘bridge’ is created via the Third Power/Principle. At that critical point (Indira Gandhi’s position in the Line under discussion) there is a magical reversal: the movement (in time and destiny) becomes HORIZONTAL.  

To remove abstraction let me demonstrate how this has already taken shape in contemporary history via what I have called the Lunar Line. Rajiv Gandhi filled the equation by his birth as the power of 1, after the 0. This shift to horizontal from vertical was revealed by the end of single-party rule in India. Up to that time and ending with his coming to power, only the Congress ruled; but since then coalitions have become the result of every election. This is because the movement of India’s destiny as played out through a string of births in time and centred on a single political party, experienced a shift to the collective, which is the definition of the Horizontal. It is the introduction of the Multiple factor that has been in evidence ever since Rajiv Gandhi, the number-power 1, entered politics. And it is entirely borne out by the cosmic harmonies to which India has always been extremely sensitive. Note that the Lunar Line’s activities are limited to this more surface structure of politics.

We must now transport this understanding to the current scenario where we apply the same Formula. However, this time it is not the Lunar but the Solar Line we need to observe. Such being the case, as solar we realise that we have reached the very essence, the very heart of India’s reason for being, the centre of our solar system. Hence, I repeat, the times are unique, critical, monumental.

Carried over to our 26/11, the rise of the Many, the Multiple is not reserved for political systems and political leaders, all of which has come under severe attack in any case. Being solar it overrides such limitations and goes right to the heart of the matter; nonetheless, the parallel between the two is unmistakable. We have seen this factually in evidence in the synchronisation of this 26/11 with the date of the Indian Constitution. And so, to remove abstraction even further, the Mumbai massacre has, entirely unexpectedly, given rise to a mass movement of the people of India. This will not fade away as has often been the case after the countless terrorist attacks of the past. This is now the Fourth Power/Principle of the Solar Line unveiled, he who in the Puranas is known as Guha, the Hidden One. This is the power of Shiva’s victorious Son, the divine War God who rides India’s national bird of victory, the Peacock. This is ‘Shiva himself who stands before you in the form of his Son’, the infallible power that conquers.

For this reason 26/11 calls into play the Constitution – the document that confers, precisely, power to the people – or better put, Kartikeya’s sena, his army. That ‘power’ is seen in the occult vision to occupy the nadir, the deepest bowels of the spherical cosmic pattern where destiny is hidden. And when that point, that One is finally unveiled, victory is certain.


Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea )

Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology

at Skambha

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With due respect, simply to remind something that The Mother once told about Sri Aurobindo and his action in the world (not verbatim): that wherever there is cruelty, it’s not of him, it has nothing to do with him. Cruelty is asuric – and so is mensonge (lying) and falsity (remember the name of the last Asoura: “L’Asoura du Mensonge”?). 9/11 and so many false flag operations (going back to Neron destroying parts of Rome for real estate benefits and getting rid of Christians, or Adolf Hitler and his goons doing the same to the Reichtag, then accusing communists to get rid of them, etc.) are born in falsity and lies, proceed from them. George W. Bush and his entourage (much more powerful than he was himself) was a genuine promoter of torture. Torture is cruelty, torture is asuric. To be or not to be “squeamish” is absolutly not the question, here: neither Aurobindo nor the Mother were squeamish. Lucidity, truth, compassion, the real, deep, vast, real McCoy of compassion, that’s what the asura hates the most. One should never forget that.

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